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lol, Kingdom Hearts
This video's humor is outdated. Don't expect any god-given comedy. So no flames, please? ::UPDATE:: DOWNLOADABLE OMGYAY!
Kingdom Hearts Piano Medley
SHEET MUSIC AND MP3: Hi-Def: Yay 2.5 Million views! Thanks everyone! (Oh, and the freaky eyes - sorry, it'
Kingdom Hearts 1 Intro
Kingdom Hearts 1 Introduction Please be kind to as to leave comments and share opinion on the game with others. Also, rate!
Kingdom Hearts 2 Opening (English)
First of all, if you are reading this, DON'T BITCH AT A VIDEO YOU DON'T LIKE! The english opening of Kingdom Hearts 2!!! Sanctuary - Utada Hikaru(English) Passion - Utada Hikaru(Japanese) Let's
Kingdom Hearts Cosplay in Disneyland
Our casual Kingdom Hearts cosplay in Disneyland. We wanted to see if the wigs could get in first before we went in full cosplay. SUCCESS!!!
Kingdom Hearts 2 Ending
This is the ending to Kingdom Hearts 2 without the secret ending. it will seem like it jumped at the end cause i had to edit out the credts cause it was to long.
Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer
MC Pee Pants disses Kingdom Hearts
PLEASE DO NOT PM ME ABOUT THIS VIDEO WHATSOEVER! Aqua Teen Hunger Force's MC Pee Pants disses Kingdom Hearts 2 by compairing it with Resident Evil 4 O_o ACTUAL AUDIO FROM GAMESTOP AFTER HOURS!!
Kingdom Hearts II Secret Ending Video English
Secret Ending of KHII from US Version (In English)
Kingdom Hearts 2
Kingdom Hearts 2
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