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a video of itachi
Itachi, Itachi , Itachi...
Since people keep stealing this and putting it up on youtube, I'm going to upload it myself. Then maybe they wont feel the need to upload it themselves without crediting me or sticking watermarks on i
the prodigy- itachi
i just uploaded this video some one else made the video hope everyone likes it
Why itachi killed his clan(Belongs to floriparty)
This is the real reason why itachi killed the whole uchiha clan but sasuke,you better have seen the manga/anime naruto chapters (all of em) to understand this.And for you who has,enjoy!THIS VIDEO BELO
Itachi amv
Sasuke Itachi - love & truth
Do it myself hope you enjoy it ^-^
Itachi the Superstar
RONINCHAN.DEVIANTART.COM Watch in high quality at This is an AMV kinda thing (fanflash). It's about how much of a superstar Itachi, from Naruto is. Don
Uchiha Itachi ~ Face to face remorse
High quality please!~ If the button doesn't appear, add &fmt=18 at the end of the url. × Notes I dedicate this amv to Mari [InToPiEcEsX] !~ She knows what for, aww, thanks ^^. It took me a
ITACHI (trailer)
made a trailer about itachi. i used Boogeyman as the audio. enjoy! :) so yes i made this a long time ago..about 3 monthes after the movie "Boogieman" was released in theaters. i hated that movie, b
Itachi-San? O-O
Itachi Se Siente Bien xD
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