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InuYasha Couples
a slideshow to couples of inuyasha so what's your favorite inu couple? i do not own the pics or the music
InuYasha Voice Actors
I made this out of boredom.....but I think it turned out pretty good! Well here are the Voice actors in order. Richard Ian Cox /Kappei Yamaguchi -InuYasha Monica Stori /Satsuki Yukino -Kagome Kirb
Inuyasha 犬夜叉 - DEAREST
My first AMV of Short Inuyasha Slide hope u like it :) Pls gib some comments ib it's good / bad Thnks :)
Inuyasha Funny pics
Several funny fan pictures of Inuyasha and various other characters.
Inuyasha and kagome love (read about video!!!)
READ THIS BEFORE ASKING ANY QUESTIONS!!!!!And if you ask the question about the song YOUR COMMENT WILL BE DELETED!!! This is about their relationship and how kagome feels pretty much. hope ya'll like
InuYasha Cosplay
InuYasha Cosplay. Thanks for the 109,000+ views!
Sesshomaru and InuYasha-From the Beginning
My second video! It's about Sesshomaru and InuYasha from since they were born.
Inuyasha Dance Contest ( The Sims 2) II
----- VOTING IS OVER ------ Kanna is in 1st place! With a tie between miroku and sesshoumaru for 2nd, they will both continue to the next round! You can download these sims if you go to thesims
Ranma-Akane & Inuyasha-Kagome
5° AMV - 2 storie trp belleeee!!
Inuyasha Funny :D
Funny pictures of inuyasha
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