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Adolf Hitler - Speech (1933)
You don't see political speeches given with this type of emotion any more! The only reason I put this Video on YouTube in February 2007, was because it was the only one I had on my computer that I
Hitler hatte nur ein Ei
EDIT: Ich wills nur nochmal betonen... ich habe das Video nur hochgeladen der gezeigte Inhalt entspricht nicht meiner Meinung oder meinen Ansichten. Hitler hatte nur ein Ei (Harald Schmidt Show)
Adolf Hitler - Vista Problems!
Adolf Hitler freaks out, because Windows Vista doesn't work properly on his personal computer. The original footage is not created by me. Its rights are rightfully owned by Constantin Film Produkt
Hitler Leasing !
Hitler least was.
Hitler is back
Hitler is back
Springtime for Hitler
"Springtime for Hitler" Detail of the hilarious 1968 movie "The Producers" by Mel Brooks.
Jesus vs. Hitler
Please be offended. It amuses me. Check out my Stand Up as well.
Hitler rants about D3x
***THE ORIGINAL!!*** Hitler is raving mad at Nikon, and lets his cohorts know about it! I authored this piece; don't be fooled by others posting my work!! Sorry about the fading subtitles, iMovie isn
Whitest Kids - Hitler Rap
By Whitest Kids
Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live
Hitler gets informed that his xbox live account has been terminated. along with his gamerscore and microsoft points.
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