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HinaSasu (Sk8ter Boi)
i guess i wanted to do one of these for awhile so enjoy
HinaSasu - Keep holding on
Sorry for any inconvenience I know I've uploaded this before but there were a few glitches that were bugging me. This amv is about how Hinata helps Sasuke through his curse mark ordeal until he final
Naruto Couples: SakuNaru and HinaSasu
These are my favorite 2 naruto couples. even if HinaSasu is almost immpossible. Rie Fu-Neigaigoto is the backround music. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
HinaSasu - Push up on me
My second SasukeXHinata tribute. Song - Push up on me Artist - Rihanna (C) Masashi Kishimoto. I don't own Naruto. This video is purely fan made.
Tribute To HinaSasu
This is a tribute to all HinaSasu favs And for HinaSasu Song: Bring Me To Life By: Evanescence And Please NO Hate Messages if you dont like this couple dont wacth. i worked REALLY hard on this.
HinaSasu(Never Alone) *For Yoshipower321*
This is for Yoshipower321 Becasue she's Awsome and i love her videos too. it took me forever to find a song. Enjoy
HinaSasu(Reflctions of You)
Another HinaSasu
HinaSasu(My Immortal)
Just another hinata/sasuke i made when i was bord this is a newer one
HinaSasu(GoodBye My Lover)
Grrrr it took me forever to finish this o and it be awhlie till i upload more videos because my computers not work ever good
A hinasasu amv
sorry if its not that good.........please comment and rate......
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