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this is my second one. i hope you like it. please comment.
SakuSasu and HinaNaru in 4 Seasons
Hinata+Naruto Sakura+Sasuke to the song 4 Seasons. ^_^ Enjoy
~HinaNaru tribute to Hinata & Naruto-Cascada~2
.:WARNING:. --Lots of flashing in this amv. If you're sensitive flashing I recommend you not to watch this video, seriously. My 8th amv, Yay! This one is so flipin' awesome... O.O At least i thi
Hinata + Neji (HinaNaru too) - Everytime We Touch - Cascada
Mainly Hinata Neji. It was supposed to be Hinata Naruto. But whatever. It turned out like this. Now I feel perverted. Lol. Enjoy.
~HinaNaru tribute to Hinata & Naruto-Cascada~
This I made for my friend. I know the timings very off, but I tried. Please rate and comment! (^_^) ~Song--Every Time We Touch ~Cascada ~Anime--Naruto --This video was purely fan-made. •I d
Naruto Chat 12 (SasoDei Fanclub & HinaNaru fight)
SasoDei, SakuDei?
HinaNaru Tribute - Cascada "Every time we touch"
this is actually my second AMV, but the first i never put on the internet, i didn't like how the first turned out so i left it alone. i hope you like this and please comment!
All Over You HinaNaru
disclaimer: i do not own naruto or the music. in other words, i own nothing here. this is a video for dragon10y who is one of my kick ass viewers. the song is "All Over You" by The Spill Canvas and
HinaNaru - Miracle
Well. my fifth amv. I decided to take a break from fights and make a pairing video. it is naruto x hinata. hope you like it. i forgot to put a credits on this one... heheh, so... i will do them right
My Only Love (HinaNaru)
Well, I've been OBSESSED with Sailor Moon lately, and I just HAD to make a HinataxNaruto video. Note: This is from Hinata's point of view when Naruto leaves for training, and all of this is simply
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