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guitar I learned to play guitar with Practice, Practice, Practice and get a copy of Guitar Master Pro, that's how I did it! Good Luck!
Guitar Hero World Record (CBS News)
"CBS News RAW": Teenager Chris Chike is the number 1 ranked Guitar Hero III player in the world. Guinness World Records awarded him with a certificate in New York City. (
Four Hands Guitar
Jerry's Breakdown composed by Jerry Reed, played by Antoine Dufour and Tommy Gauthier on a single guitar. Please visit:
Guinness claim ID 189799. G4TV Recently aired on Attack of the Show - You Tube Star, and again on ABC Byte This in November 2007. This is NOT a music video, or musical in nature, I have other videos
Herman Li video game guitar effects
Herman Li from Dragonforce explains the video game effects used in Inhuman Rampage.
CES 2008: Bill Gates plays Guitar Hero with Slash
Bill Gates looks over some old keynotes, and then jams with Slash in a special game of Guitar hero (well, kind of...really he just holds a guitar). A fitting end to his last ever CES keynotes speech.
Paul Gilbert Insane guitar
This guy is amazing.. From the December 2006 Guitar One Mag
Andy Mckee - Guitar - Drifting -
Drifting - Andy McKee Original Song CD & Tabs - Art of Motion Andy McKee Myspace: Candyrat Myspace:
Shredz64 - Guitar Hero for the Commodore 64 - Part 1
A demonstration of Shredz64 and the PSX64 interface in action. After over a year of development, I've finally finished it up! Part 1 features an explanation of the software and a demo of game pla
Joe Satriani's Guitar Tips
"Joe Satriani's tips to become a better player."
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