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Britains got talent - Dr Gore (madness and magic)
Britains got talent
Hell's Ground - Pakistan's First Gore Film! Full Trailer
The full length trailer to Zibahkhana / Hell's Ground - Pakistan's first ever modern horror movie - for screenings and more info see
Al Gore Snowjob
Is Al Gore telling the truth about global warming. Watch Heartland Institute's "Snowjob" to get the facts. Visit for more information.
AL GORE: Global Warming Testimony @ Congress 3.21.07
Al Gore testifies to the House Energy & Science committees
AL GORE: The Assault on Reason - 5.29.07 Full Speech
Gore speaks about his new book on May 29, 2007
Al Gore Debates Global Warming
Al Gore debates expert climatologists (at last) on whether carbon dioxide causes global warming.
Leslie Gore- "You Don't Own Me" Live
Wicked live footage of Leslie Gore telling it like it should be. Looks early 60's.
Gore criticizes Bush for ignoring Iraq's ties to terrorism
Al Gore blasts George H.W. Bush for ignoring Iraq's ties to terrorists and disregarding Iraq's attempts to acquire weapons of mass destruction. (1992)
Francis Caïbrel - En Gore et En Gore
Francis Caïbrel, chanteur-dealer, fils d'un célèbre artiste français, revient avec son nouveau clip "En Gore et En Gore". Le Myspace de Francis : Le premier albo
gore's holographic opening of live earth 7-7-7
gore's holographic opening of live earth from tokyo
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