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Brave of Gold Goldran: Non credit 2nd OP
Brave of Gold Goldran: Non credit 2nd OP Nice opening with lot of transformers like robots
Zazorigun 1st Transformation ( Goldran )
From Brave of Gold Goldran Episode 11 it's the first transformation of Zazorigun a red version of Scorponok. The Clip included a tranformation of Advenger and the gattai clips of Goldran and Silvario
Great Goldran
Gold Brave Goldran Goldran & LeonKaiser & Sorakage Great Goldran
Brave of Gold GOLDRAN Toy series TVCM (TAKARA 1995)
タカラ黄金勇者ゴルドランおもちゃCM集 DX黄金合体ゴルドラン DX白銀合体シルバリオン DX超白銀合体ゴッドシルバリオン DX鋼鉄武装アドベンジャ�
Yuusha (Brave) Goldran: Great Goldran
Ougishou Gattai Great Goldran sorry the quality sucks
Deathgarrygun 1st Transformation ( Goldran )
from the end of episode 30 of Brave of Gold Goldran
Gold Brave Goldran Goldran
Sky Goldran
Gold Brave Goldran Goldran & Sorakage Sky Goldran
Yuusha (Brave) Goldran: Goldran
Goldran Transformation Sequence sorry the quality sucks
Yuusha (Brave) Goldran: God Silverion
Chou Silver Gattai! God Silverion!! sorry the quality sucks
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