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Charlie Rose - Sen. Dick Durbin / Douglas Feith / Sen....
Segment 1: Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) Segment 2: Douglas Feith, former undersecretary of defense Segment 3: Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR)
Doug Feith: Stupidest Man Alive?? Or Just Almost?
Doug Feith appearing on 60 Minutes talks to Steve Kroft about the list he made up prior to our invading Iraq where he stated every single problem that might happen, that has happened, but still thinks
Ford Models 360 The Source: Surfer Design with Tracy Feith
Fashion designer Tracy Feith hangs out with model Dani Evans (winner of America's Next Top Model 2005) and shows us how his surfer lifestyle turns into flawless designs.
'A Clean Break,' Office of Special Plans & Douglas Feith
Zionists do not represent Judaism any more than Al Qaeda represents Islam or the Klan represents white Christians. This has nothing to do w/ anti-Semitism. Rev. John Hagee is an ├╝ber Zionist & he
Bathroom sessions: Pien Feith
Bathroom session of Pien Feith
Open addmission and Discussion of Feith Office in Pentagon
Senate hearing, discussing the UNKNOWN existance of the office run by Douglas Feith in the Pentagon and why they had so much power and influence that seemed to overide many if not all OFFICIAL PENTAGO
Wolfowitz On Iraq War, Doug Feith At Hudson Institute
Paul Wolfowitz gives his version of the Iraq war and Doug Feith's book.
Stupidest Guy on Earth Speaks Out - Douglas J. Feith
Your Daily Politics Video Blog: The President bears the greatest responsibility for the catastrophe of the Iraq war. He was the key decision maker at every point. And he's fundamentally accountable. B
Douglas Feith the Iraq War for his own GAIN
Doesn't answer questions...but Promotes his Book a lot! Sheesh.
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