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Takara Masterpiece Great Exkaiser Part 1
Review of Takara Masterpiece Great Exkaiser by Ryan Penrose. Full review available at
King Exkaiser
Brave Exkaiser King Exkaiser
Robot Anime History 1985-1990 (10/13) Z Gundam-Exkaiser
After 1985, Robot Anime lost popularity. almost big robot animes were from Sunrise only. 88,89 had not completely big robot animes. Toei and some makers stopped making robot series. 1985 [S
Great Exkaiser combining scene
This is the combination scene of Exkaiser and Dragon Kaiser merging together (not sure if I got the names right =S ), anyways hope you can enjoy it ~~ brings back memories huh? =P
Brave Exkaiser Exkaiser
Great Exkaiser
Brave Exkaiser King Exkaiser & Dragon Kaiser Great Exkaiser
Yuusha Exkaiser: Kaiser Zankantou
The Yuusha exkaiser may be a bit old but I think it fits. (Because of the enlarging Sword) Great exkaiser's "Kaiser sword" can really enlarge just like the Zankantou. this might even be where the i
Change Exkaiser
Change Exkaiser
Yuusha (Brave) Exkaiser: Dragon Kaiser Combination Sequence
Dragon Jet~ Form Up! Kyodai Gattai! sorry the quality sucks
Exkaiser - The Four Geists
A clip of the transformation sequence of the geists (except for Dino Geist) from the exkaiser tv series
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