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Benighted - Deviant (live)(French Brutal Death Metal)
Benighted is a really insane and brutal band on stage, check them at : In fact, this video is an extract of the bonus dvd of their latest album.
NRL Footy Show: Illustration of a Deviant
NRL Footy Show: Illustration of a Deviant
Crazy and Far-Fetched Claims of Deviant Sufis
Bism-Allah Wassalatu Wassalamu Ala Ashraful Mursaleen. Amma Ba'd. Sufism is so far from Islam, that some don't even call it a stray sect. Sufis base their beliefs not on Tawheed, but on so much
Momoko'll Do Right Now
(V2) This is a remake of Momoko'll Do Right Now. I hope you guys will like it. There are new photos and clips from the actual episodes. Credits go to: Neobrick of Deviant Art Mamepika of Deviant
Thanks for watching! Check out Chris on Deviant Art at: Thank you for subscribing and commenting!
Deviated ~ZUTARA~ (Fan Pics)
I LOVE DEVIANTART.COM!!! There are so many talented artists that can do what I can only dream of doing! And so I have put this video together to honor their great Zutara works. I DID NOT DRAW ANY O
LiveandLearn1 Drawing Silver the Hedgehog
Hi! I'm From Deviant. I haven't posted this drawing yet but I will after I color it! XD Basically, this is long- but Everyone on deviant kept saying they were interested in my "Style" of drawing. wel
Snape's Happy Ending
DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED HARRY POTTER BOOK 7!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! This is a slideshow of pictures, mainly from deviant art, set to 'Happy Ending' by Mika. I wanted to show some of
Death Note Yaoi - Comatose
Thanx for all the favs and views!!! ^_^ And also thanx to those who comment!! Enjoy! :) This is just a little death not yaoi vid I made! :) I hope you like it!! :D Edit: This is yaoi (boy x boy)
Hero Of Islam - Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab Part 1/8
Speakr talks about a recent hero of islam(250 yrs ago)He's most misunderstood/Slandered by the deviant muslims. He is Muhamad Ibn Abdul Wahab (raheemallah) is the one who revived islam to its origiona
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