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Yuusha Shirei Dagwon opening 2
Yuusha Shirei Dagwon Brave Command Dagwon (1996-1997)
Brave Command Dagwon MTV (yusha/yuusha)
yuusha(yusha)Brave Dagwon MTV. made myself.
Yuusha Shirei Dagwon opening 1
Yuusha Shirei Dagwon Brave Command Dagwon (1996-1997)
super fire dagwon - merging sequence and last battle
chou kaen gattai!SUPER FIRE DAGWON!!
Fire Dagwon
Brave Command Dagwon Fire Dagwon
Dagwon OVA ED1
Dagwon OVA ED1 (Editor's version)
Shadow Dagwon
Brave Command Dagwon Shadow Dagwon
Liner Dagwon
Brave Command Dagwon DagTurbo & DagArmor & DagWing Liner Dagwon
Brave Command Dagwon- Fire Dagwon Revives
After being absent for 10 or so episodes the Fire Jumbo returns. Also has En's Theme playing in the background.
Brave Command Dagwon English Theme
Brave Command theme in english with cantonese dub. Used in episode 11 of dagwon I believe.
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