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Eddie Izzard's Encore on Computers
Hilarious! From his "Glorius" tour, Eddie discusses his love hate relationship with computers and how they will eventually end the world.
Look Around You - Computers Part 1
This week on Look Around You, they take a look at the future of computers. We finally find an easy way to remember things. See a shocking study saying there might even be 10,000 computers by 1990! A
Help Me Get A G5
Dude asks for $5000. Internet responds. Dude rewards by blowing up his computer.
how to hack ur school computers
in this detailed i think video :) i will teach u how to get command prompt and add a new account so u wont get caught and then make it a administrator so u can do anything i am at my house doing this
Naruto Chatroom 1# -Computers and AHHHHH!....-
Sakura asks why they can have computers but not cars, sasuke is not gay or emo...but thats what he always saids, tax+Tsunade don't mix, naruto finally realizes he didn't pay for his electricity for ye
Computers on Sale in Cuba for First Time
For the first time ever, the average Cuban is being allowed to buy a desktop computer. It's the latest freedom offered by Cuba's president, Raul Castro. (May 2)
Present a Present: Abandon Computers
(DISCRETION: Mature Themes) The full version of Alice includes the intro and the conclusion of the short piece extracted from our feature film Present a Present. A young woman gives birth in a despe
Computers 'hold climate clues'
Scientists say funding supercomputers is vital in the battle to better understand climate change.
Mobile Desktop
From, three agents entered a Starbucks one by one with their own giant desktop computer and CRT monitor rig. They bought coffee and worked at their computers as if the
Phil Oakley - Together In Electric Dreams
Phil Oakley - Together In Electric Dreams Music Video
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