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Clinton Supporter Thrown Out of Rules Committee Meeting Clinton supporter Harriet Christian angry after Rules & Bylaws committee meeting on Florida and Michigan.
10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer
More info: If you are an educated Christian, I would like to talk with you today about an important and interesting question. Have you ever thought about using you
Night Ranger - Sister Christian: Relaid Audio
Music video by Night Ranger performing Sister Christian: Relaid Audio with Mary Guida (C) 2004 Geffen Records
Fake Christians fabricate conflict with Islam
When I posted this video 9 months ago I was brainwashed to believe that these people in the video were real Christians but now I know they're just anti Islamic Zionists hiding behind Christianity.
Christian Siriano from Project Runway Season 4 is fabulous and brilliant. Here's a video montage I made of all his fiercest moments from this season so far. Enjoy! (p.s. this is the first video I've
Christian the Lion- Reunion!
So these two people raised this lion cub who they named Christian, and sadly he got too big for them to take care of so they decided to release him to live as a wild lion. Well, in this footage, a yea
Margaret Cho -- These Christian Groups Have Lost Their Minds
From Margaret Cho's Assassin
Type O Negative - Christian Woman
Christian Woman by Type O Negative (c) 1993 The All Blacks B.V.
Christian Marclay mini documentary
Marclay discusses his interest in unwanted sound, his use of turntables, early examples of his art and more recent pieces too.
Christian Hosoi!
Christian Hosoi's life story and testimony all packaged into one You Tube special! :-)
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