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Sasuke and Sakura - Future?
I made this vid in a few hours so it might not be that good... The only reason I made this one was because I didn't get the chance to use some pics that I wanted to and I just had to use them for some
chicken pox 13 mods containment
chickenpox13 mods containment wiht a racetrack
Naruto and Hinata - Future?
Song - I Will Always Return Artist - Bryan Adams ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm going to stop checking the comments on this vid. Thank you everyone who's commented and/or favorited! I really apperciate all of
Shikamaru and Ino - Future?
Okay! It's finally done! I'm really torn between ShikaTema and ShikaIno... I think I'm leaning more towards ShikaTema but ShikaIno is soo cute! Well anyways, comment and rate! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Neji and Tenten - Future?
This vid is a lot like my SasuSaku one. Actually it has nearly the exact timing. I think I like the SasuSaku version better because it has more of a sad melody to it. This one has a more cutesy melody
Shikamaru and Temari - Future?
Okay I made this on the same day I made the NaruSaku one! A LOT of people kept requesting this so I decided to make it before I forgot wh all requested it! And I'm not going to list all the people who
Lee and Sakura - Future?
Yup, another one. It took me awhile to find all the pics I need but it was overall fairly easy to make. This isn't one of my favorite coulpes but it's okay... P.S. Sorry if you don't think I took the
Sasuke and Hinata - Future?
Please don't attack this video! If you don't like the pairing then just don't watch. It's as simple as that. Anyway, I acturally kind of like SasuHina. I know it's not possible and all but it's fun to
Naruto and Sakura - Future?
Okay, I finally got it finished! The next one will be ShikaTema. I really don't like this one much but I think it has more to do with the couple than the actural video. I much more pefer NaruHina, but
Re: Naruto and Hinata - Future?
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