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Galaxy Cyclone Braiger Opening Theme (Full Length)
Isao Taira - Ginga Senpuu Braiger (Galaxy Cyclone Braiger) 1st Ending 2nd Ending 3rd Ending
Galaxy Cyclone Braiger Review
A review of the Yamato GNU-GOU Gaxaly Cyclone Braiger. View more at
Galaxy Cyclone Braiger 2nd Ending Theme (Full Length)
Ep.28 - Ep.30 Yukio Yamagata - Hoshikage no Lullaby (Starlight Lullaby) Opening 1st Ending 3rd Ending htt
Galaxy Cyclone Braiger 3rd Ending Theme (Full Length)
Ep.39 Yukio Yamagata - ABAYO FLY BYE Opening 1st Ending 2nd Ending
Galaxy Cyclone Braiger 1st Ending Theme (Full Length)
Isao Taira - Sasurai Kid (Wandering Kid) Opening 2nd Ending 3rd Ending
Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden- Braiger Appears! Cutscene
This is a little CG video that I ripped from Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden. This is where the J9 team decides to show off their ace in the hole, the transforming robot Braiger! Cue the awsome transfor
イデオン?ブライガー? IDEON? Braiger?? FAKE anime "Diatron-5"
CGI Version Of Braiger in Super Robot Wars Gaiden
Super Robot Taisen XO Braiger
Ginga Senpuu Braiger Short video
Ginga Senpuu Braiger Live
Ginga Senpuu Braiger performed live by Isao Taira (Super Robot Spirits 2003).
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