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Tatsuya x Ayumu kiss
A Tatsuya x Ayumu clip from their first release together, 'Koinori/Romance House' produced by Go Guy Plus. They're so freaking cute *A*
Ayumu lovers again 恋におちたら
it is a bl love story about ayumu tatsuya and eiji.. eiji was the lovers of ayumu but left...tatsuya soon take his place.. when eiji return, ayumu was torn between tatsuya and eiji it is made by
Le chimpanzé Ayumu, champion de la mémoire immédiate
Ayumu en train de réaliser l'exercice. La règle du jeu est évidente et le film en temps réel. Chacun peut donc se mesurer au chimpanzé...
Ayumu chimpanzee
Human vs chimpanzee memory game
exist-masih trsrlah ayumu
video klip
Hiyono Thinks She's In Love With Ayumu
Song: Jessica Simpson; I Think I'm In Love With You Here's my 1st AMV of Spiral.I used a Ripper Platinum 4 program to rip my own DVD footage. The idea for this song was that everytime I hear it H
gay movie actor Ayumu
Judging Ayumu episode 1 -- "Osaka's first day"
Finally it's here -- episode one of my long-awaited (not really) series "Judging Ayumu". In this ep, Judge Ayumu Kasuga begins her first day working at Azu District Court, receives the bizarre nicknam
Kasuga Ayumu Dancing 3D 「春日歩の通販音頭」sample
Ayumu and Tatsuya karaoke
Ayumu and Tatsuya karaokeing (I made it a verb stfu) in Koi ni Ochitara vol. 2 - Winter Story. LOLZ Tatsuya sounds like he's going through puberty! XDDD Anybody know what they're singing? @.@
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