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BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype -
See for more information. BumpTop is a fresh and engaging new way to interact with your computer desktop. You can pile and toss documents like on a real desk. BumpTop's stunning
3D Desktop! TouchScreen and XGL on Linux!
3D Desktop! TouchScreen and XGL on Linux! I used: Gentoo Linux, Penmount touchscreen Gnome, XGL, and my hands!!!! Bill Barsch. Goiania-Goias-Brasil.
Debian Gnome + Beryl "3D-Desktop"
Debian GNU/Linux with Gnome Desktop running Beryl/AIGLX for 3D desktop effects. Debian version was "etch" ("testing" at that time). System: AMD64 3500+, 1024 DDR2-400, Geforce 6600GT (but it runs
3D Desktop! TouchScreen and XGL on Linux (part 2)
OS: Gentoo Linux. PC: p4, 1.8mhz, 256mb, 40gb(hd). Monitor: waytec 15''. Video: Nvidia 64mb. TouchScreen Device: penmount usb 8-wire. Touchscreen opensource drive for linux: "evtouch" Graphic sy
Ubuntu Dapper XGL + Compiz 3D Desktop Demo
The title says it all. To learn how you can do the same, see:
My Ubuntu Beryl Matrix 3D Desktop
A quick demo of Beryl possibilities on my old computer : - Athlon 1800+ - 512MB Ram - NVIDIA geforce 4200 TI !!!! - Linux Kubuntu Edgy - AIGLX - NVDIA official driver - BERYL SVN skydome : http:
Sabayon Linux!! 3d Desktop effects!!!
This is my setup of Sabayon linux. It has incredible 3d desktop effects, as well as many others. It looks good on my pc considering it isnt even close to Vista requirements,lol. Microsoft sets the req
Mandriva 3D desktop
3D Desktop from Mandriva-One 2007
What a beautiful 3D desktop
My flatmate Thomas know more than me about this video, it's some kind of Linux implementation. Should be available for free somewhere on Internet.
Linux KDE 3D Desktop
Desktop 3D Linux KDE de um desenvolvedor web em português brasileiro
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