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JFK Inaugural Address 1 of 2
President John F. Kennedy's inaugural address, January 20th 1961. Vice President Johnson, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Chief Justice, President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon, President Truman, reverend cler
Emilio Calatayud Pérez - Lección Magistral (2)
Emilio Calatayud Pérez es un campechano Juez de Menores de Granada. Con un verbo demoledor, este padre de familia da una lección magistral sobre lo que implica tener hijos. No cometas el error de no
David Blaine Street Magic Part 2
The original...David Blaine Street Magic Part Two! See David Blaine terrorize the same two idiots from the first video. Starring Mitch Silpa, Mikey Day, and Michael Naughton. Directed by David Mor
Apple創始者・スティーヴ・ジョブスの伝説のスピーチ(2) part1
How Vinyl Records Are Made PART 2 OF 2
how vinyl records are made. part 2 of 2
Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue pt.2/2
Leonard Bernstein as pianist
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together: Part 3
Steve and Bill talk about the 1997 agreement between Apple and Microsoft; whether they think their companies are rivals today; the "Get a Mac" commericals; and iPods, Zunes and music. D/All Things Dig
Charlie the Unicorn 2
Charlie's friends return to bring him on another magical adventure! CHARLIE STORE: DOWNLOAD THE SONG as well as watch a high-quality version on FilmCow:
Demetri Martin - If I 2 of 6
Demetri Martin - If I 14 January 2004 This is a link to the 224 word palindrome Demetri Martin wrote.
Chad Vader #2 "The Date"
CHAD VADER DVDS ARE BACK IN STOCK! Go to and get yours before they're gone again. Chad goes on a date, and senses a disturbance in the store. . . Written and
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